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Our newest videos:

Song for MLK JR Day!

Learn about MLK and the civil rights movement by song!

I Love BOOKS!!!

Join Broccoli and friends as they visit their favorite place in the world: The library in Weaverville, North Carolina.

The 2016 Halloween Special

The Singing Vegetables re-write Michael Jackson’s THRILLER to remind kids how important it is to eat healthy food. And YES! They do the zombie dance…

Welcome to Broccoli World!

Broccolito gives you a tour of his hometown! Everything there is made of…

Party Down in Turnip Town! Video

Mr. Turnip brings Broccolito on a journey to the underground, where the music is amazing and everybody shakes and spins!

Zumba: Why Broccoli is in such great shape!

Ever wonder how Singing Broccoli stays in such great shape? Follow along and learn to do the Broccoli shake…

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